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Authorized Agents 

"The term “authorized agent” means any individual who is tacitly or explicitly authorized by a candidate to act on behalf of, or otherwise represent, the candidate. All authorized agents must be registered with the Policy Commission before the agent engages in any activity on the candidates behalf." - Section 70271 SGA Bylaws

"Failure to register an authorized agent before they engage in any activity on behalf of the candidate is punishable by one (1) penalty point per non-registered agent in accordance with the violation procedures outlined in the JEC charter and bylaws." - JEC Final Rule 4

The Authorized Agent Registration form is found here. This form must be filled out by the candidate. Alternatively, candidate may register their agent by emailing: the agents full name, GWID, GW email,  and a statement confirming that they understand that they will be held responsible for the behavior and any violation their agents commit. Agents must be registered with the JEC BEFORE they engage in any activity on their behalf including collecting signatures.

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