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Spending Limits

For each election, candidates are allowed to spend money on material up to the limits established in the JEC Bylaws (listed below). Candidates are required to retain receipts for every purchase made. At the end of the election, candidates will be required to submit a "Financial Expenditure Report" listing all goods and services acquired by the candidate for use on a campaign. 

  • If you are running for SA President or Vice President: Maximum of $300.00

  • If you are running for a Senator Position: Maximum of $100.00

Any good or service actually purchased or paid for by the candidate for their campaign shall be reported at the actual value expended by the candidate for the given good or service. Candidates must provide receipts in person or via email to prove the actual value of each good or service purchased or paid for. If the Commission requests such, the candidate must provide the original receipt(s) in person. 


For each election, each candidate listed on the ballot shall be required to submit a ‘donation list’, containing a list of individuals who have made a donation to their campaign. The donation list can be found at the bottom of this page for downloading. Candidates who received no donations are still required to submit this list to the Commission.

  • Even though a candidate is allowed to receive donations, they are still bound by the campaign expenditure requirements. For example, if a candidate's parents donated $500 to a candidate's campaign for SA President, the candidate may only still spend up to $300 total on their campaign. Candidates may not receive donations from student organizations. 

Finance Form Requirements

  • Both completed forms are due at 5:00 pm EST on April 13th. They may be emailed to the JEC.

  • Even if you received no donations OR spent no money on your election, you still must submit these forms.

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