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Judicial Commission Current Cases 

JEC v. Daniel Saleem, Case Closed

 Case No. JEC-2024-JC-1

  1. Complaint received by the Chief Investigator on 3/31/24

  2. Probable Cause hearing held by the Policy Commission on 4/2/24. Probable cause was found and Indictment was issued. 

  3. Indictment sent to Judicial Commission and charges filed by Chief Investigator on 4/2/24.

  4. Initial Consideration Hearing held by the Judicial Commission on 4/4/24.

  5. Full public hearing scheduled for 4/5/24 at 8 pm in USC 405.

  6. Final hearing held, plea agreement accepted and defendant sentenced with FIVE (5) penalty points.

The Indictment issued by the JEC Policy Commission, the filed complaint, and the ruling of the Judicial Commission are below.

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