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Material Submission Requirements

All physical material must be registered and approved by the JEC prior to purchase and/or distribution.

  • All posters, palm­ cards, and any physical campaign materials must include a visible JEC logo.

  • No campaign materials may be distributed before the official campaign period.

  • No one may be coerced into accepting Campaign Materials against their discretion.

  • Do not distribute campaign materials or otherwise solicit in restricted zones within university buildings including residence halls.

  • All online social media is exempt from campaign material registration.

  • Placing the logo on all other kinds of campaign materials will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the JEC’s discretion.

The JEC maintains the ability to request the removal of campaign material from social media or online platforms, in which case candidates have 24 hours to take down the material in violation of campaign regulations. 

The JEC Logo

All material must include the JEC logo. Email the JEC for the file image to be downloaded.

Student Government Association Free Poster Printing

  • Free printing is available through the Student Government Association for all candidates in elected races.

  • Posters can only be printed for candidates following candidate verification.

  • No candidate may print posters through the SGA in excess of the following rules:

    • 40 in total posters for Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

    • 20 in total posters for Senatorial Candidates

Postering Limits and Regulations (Bylaw 762)

  • Candidates may place posters only in the following public locations:

    • The exterior of the Student Center on the H Street side;

    • The exterior of Academic Center (Rome/Phillips Hall) buildings;

    • The exterior of any building facing University Yard, but not the Law School Buildings or Textile Museum; and

    • The exterior of Ames Hall on the Mount Vernon campus.

  • Individual Poster Restrictions:

    • No poster may exceed 18 inches by 12 inches.

    • No group of posters may constitute one contiguous image greater than the above size requirements.

    • No poster may be affixed to any window, door, awning, rail, rack, post, handle, or temporary structure.

    • No poster may be placed in such a way that it blocks any sign.

    • No candidate may place either tape or a poster over another candidate’s previously affixed poster such that the previously affixed poster is obscured in any meaningful way.

    • No candidate may place a poster inside any University residence hall or townhouse, except that students shall be permitted to place posters within their dorm room and on any window or door belonging to that room.

  • "Public Location" Quantity Restrictions:

    • Each location may only hold a certain number of posters per candidate, determined by the race the candidate is running in:

    • SA President and EVP Candidates: 40 Posters Maximum at Each Public Location (for a total of 10 Posters in each Public Location Across Campus)

    • SA Senate and all other Candidates: 20 Posters Maximum at Each Public Location (for a total of 5 Posters in each Public Location Across Campus)

  • Dorms and Student Org Offices:

    • Student Organizations who endorse a candidate are permitted to display one candidate poster (per candidate endorsed) within that org's Student Center student space (usually an office.) The poster must comply with all other regulations and requirements. 

    • Students are allowed to place posters within their dorm room or on any window or door belonging to that room. The posters must comply with all other requirements. All individuals living in that room must consent to the hanging of candidate posters.

    • Beyond individuals' dorm rooms, no posters are allowed inside a University residence hall or townhouse. 

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